Our Approach

We work on a 100% customized basis. We have great contacts all over the Iberian Peninsula who are excited to show you around and help you experience their city, town, winery, workshop as well as the local historical spots. We want you to experience Spain not as a tourist, but as a traveller with local connections. As a small company, you know you will be working with Janelle directly, who is a seasoned travel professional, specializing in Spain & Portugal as a destination.

Our Story

Led by a need to explore, and her passion for the Spanish language as well as a curiosity for living in a place with thousands of years of history, Janelle first came to Spain in 1995 to study abroad in Granada. Then in 2000 she returned to work in Madrid and has lived in Spain ever since. She has worked at top incoming agencies in Spain who cater to luxury travel advisors in the US and from around the world, organizing their clients’ tours and events in Spain & Portugal. The next step has been to open her own boutique business catering to clients coming this way!